By ricklakin


The Nude Beach Homicides
by William Barrons

Available Free on

between Tuesday and Saturday

Bill’s Birthday is Monday, February 1st and we want to make him #1 on the Mystery-Police Procedural before we publish The Homeless Homicides on his birthday.

Born 1926, in Cadillac, Michigan, the oldest boy of fourteen kids. Survived the Great Depression and joined the Marines the day after I turned 17. Could hardly wait to go fight those nasty Nazis and Japs. Served 2½ war years in the Marines. Got married, went to college, had kids, re-joined the Marines in 1949 – in time for the Korean War. Became a Marine Second Lieutenant but was a Platoon Commander only for a short while as my sick wife nearly died and I had to resign to care for my family. Became a Telephone equipment engineer with AT&T in Chicago. Then was a kitchen and home remodeling designer for 22 years. Retired at age 69 and began to research and write novels. At age 89, I’m still at it!


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