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Kalinda and Dr. Ami

Dr. Ami

Mia Rodriguez was transferred to Balboa Naval Medical Center.  Jeff walked with the gurney to the Intensive Care Unit where a room was waiting.  Brilliant returned to Miramar with the Blue Angels pilots.

Balboa  just installed the HTVR projectors that allowed virtual doctors to practice there.  Dr. Ami transferred to the hospital to test the new installation and track her patient. After a clinic walkthrough with the physicians, she was satisfied that she would be able to perform the surgery on Lieutenant Commander Rodriguez in the morning. She settled in a spare office during the night shift. She was reviewing Mia’s scans at two o’clock.

An Asian female knocked on the open door. “Dr. Ami, I am Dr. Silvia Ramon, the senior attending on this shift.”

“Come in, Doctor,” Ami said.  “How can I help you?”

“Can you walk with me, Doctor?,” Silvia said.

“Yes, of course.” Dr. Ami sensed the urgency.

“We have admitted a nineteen-year-old male Marine suffering massive head trauma in a motorcycle accident,” Silvia said.

“Helmet?” Dr. Ami asked.

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